Sunday, December 28, 2008

This Cul De Sac Strip Is One Panel Too Long

Just sayin'. [Cul De Sac]

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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Adrian Tomine's "The Donger And Me"

is good. [via npr]

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Paul Krugman, The New Yorks Times' counter ballast to their infuriatingly smug free-market ideologue David Brooks, had a very astute (at least, to me) editorial in the Christmas issue followed by the unintentional punchline: David Brooks is off today.

I really want "David Brooks is off today" to pretty much follow every political statement I like.

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Monday, December 15, 2008

December 21st: Important To Do Item [Humor]

I'm not the boss of you, but if I were, I would encourage you to go see this on company time. Magnet Theater

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Intellectual Property Theft [Forever 21 vs. A Girl At Threadless]

I know the internet is always illegally downloading your stuff, Corporate America, but that is no reason to steal its ideas. [ finkenstein]


Tuesday, December 09, 2008

I Like To Draw Sandwiches, And People Gesturing With Sandwiches

But, honestly, it's like sometimes I take the reference photos just to ignore them.

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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Obama "Disappointed With The Loss" Of Bill Richardson's Beard

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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

This Is A Great Video Blog

Far And Away The Nerdiest Thing (Comedy-Centric) I've Ever Done

... was, once upon a time, look up this YouTube video of the Onion staff having a "Thanksgiving Day Chili Cookoff" after hearing two of the writers mention it on an episode of WFMU's the Speakeasy. Everyone who reads this blog now has something on me. Unless, I guess, if you watch it all the way through yourselves.

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Someone I Know Was On The Colbert Report

This is semi-old news in the world of my acquaintances, but I just thought I'd post Jon Golbe's November 3rd, 2008 appearance on The Colbert Report. This will probably be the last time (for a while) I'll get to use the "Election 08" tag on this blog:

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My First Blog Post With MTV Iggy

So, the goal with MTV Iggy is for it eventually to be the opposite of MTV World's constant exporting of MTV's garbage (i.e. translations of "The Hills," "The Girls Of My Super Sweet 16 Dropped in a FARC Encampment," "Real World vs Wondershowzen Challenge")—instead importing the best from foreign cultures, starting with Asia.

I do a Asian politics and culture blogging for them.

My first post is on Mumbai.

It does not suck.

Thank You. [Via MTV Iggy]

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I Do Not Want The Mexican Walking Fish To Go Extinct

Thing is like a Pokémon. [More Info Via AP/Yahoo News]

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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Andy Rooney Officially A Viral Comedy Meme (To Me)

In the grand tradition of Carrot Top and Gallagher, 60 Minutes' curmudgeonly levity peddler Andy Rooney is now beginning an ignominious descent into the ranks of the walking punchlines.

My chronology is sketchy—because I actually have been living in a cave over the past year—but it seems like the "Andy Rooney Game" begot "China's 'Andy Rooney'" at The Onion, and that this now gives us a Daily Show "Moment of Zen" that (and this is crucial) works like the "Andy Rooney Game," but was delivered free of supporting context from the rest of that day's episode:

So, I posit that it's only a matter of time before: 1.) adolescent comedy nerds start making Andy Rooney jokes amongst themselves, even though 85% of them didn't know who Andy Rooney was a year ago; 2.) Either SNL or a film project involving SNL alumni convinces Rooney to make a self-effacing cameo; and 3.) Rooney (in a fashion similar to the John McLaughlin / Dana Carvey case) perversely takes this attention as flattery and begins to act like a caricature of himself.

I really wish we could stop this from happening, mainly because the man is at death's door and deserves to die with some dignity.

Psyche! Ha ha.
Double Psyche! I actually do feel bad.

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