Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Andy Rooney Officially A Viral Comedy Meme (To Me)

In the grand tradition of Carrot Top and Gallagher, 60 Minutes' curmudgeonly levity peddler Andy Rooney is now beginning an ignominious descent into the ranks of the walking punchlines.

My chronology is sketchy—because I actually have been living in a cave over the past year—but it seems like the "Andy Rooney Game" begot "China's 'Andy Rooney'" at The Onion, and that this now gives us a Daily Show "Moment of Zen" that (and this is crucial) works like the "Andy Rooney Game," but was delivered free of supporting context from the rest of that day's episode:

So, I posit that it's only a matter of time before: 1.) adolescent comedy nerds start making Andy Rooney jokes amongst themselves, even though 85% of them didn't know who Andy Rooney was a year ago; 2.) Either SNL or a film project involving SNL alumni convinces Rooney to make a self-effacing cameo; and 3.) Rooney (in a fashion similar to the John McLaughlin / Dana Carvey case) perversely takes this attention as flattery and begins to act like a caricature of himself.

I really wish we could stop this from happening, mainly because the man is at death's door and deserves to die with some dignity.

Psyche! Ha ha.
Double Psyche! I actually do feel bad.

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