Wednesday, March 24, 2010

In Which I Get Excited About Seeing The New Wallace and Gromit Short

The last legitimate Wallace and Gromit installment, A Close Shave, is over a decade old and my hope is that A Matter of Loaf and Death will cleanse my palate of the middling, feature-length W&G --- which Dreamworks evidently mucked with, and mucked up, much more than I'd thought. According to this Telegraph piece on creator Nick Park:
[T]he experience of working for a big, pushy American studio left a sour taste in Park's mouth. He found the experience stressful. It didn't suit his nature. This, after all, is a man who is happiest when out bird-watching with his binoculars in the English countryside. 'I would get these notes saying, "Shouldn't Wallace have a cooler, more modern car?" and I would say, "No, you're missing the point. The irony doesn't translate. It's cool because it's not." Having made three half-hour films already, I was in a position where I could say, "No, Wallace wouldn't do it." There is a false assumption that if things look old-fashioned children won't relate to it. Well, my favourite programme as a child was Dad's Army.'

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