Sunday, April 22, 2007

New Soap Provides 2 Coffee Cups Worth of Caffeine per Wash

As the guy at Futurismic says "How can we call ourselves a civilisation when we've only just invented this?" [Link]

Monday, April 16, 2007

Making T-Shirt Designs with Stencils, Bleach, Water and your Weak (ney, Paltry) Imagination

[Link 1 and Link 2 via Make]

This seems so cheap and easy and cool, but seriously ask yourself this: How much longer before stenciling on your own t-shirts goes the way of puffy paints, tie dye and airbrushing? (Which are all back now, right? uh, right!?)

The answer, isn't very long. So, listen to me: Stick to wearing Gunny Sacks. They're environmentally friendly, child safe, unisex and breath very well.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

October 2001: Conference at WTC Would Have Discussed Terrorism and Building Collapses

Somehow, I refuse to believe this is true:
Audrey McKibbin Moran, chief of staff for Jacksonville Mayor John Delaney, was reading the mail yesterday when she came across an invitation to the mayor.

In October, an emergency preparedness conference would include discussion on terrorism.

"One of the topics they were going to talk about was the danger of collapsing buildings," Moran said.

It would have been at the World Trade Center.

-- David DeCamp

From the Center for Cooperative Research [Link]

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Mexico City to Convert 1000 Goverment-Use Nissans to HEV/EV Drive Trains

From the Press Release:

Azure Dynamics Corporation (TSX: AZD) (LSE: ADC) ("Azure" or the Company") a leading developer of hybrid electric and electric powertrains for commercial vehicles, today announced it has signed a supply agreement with Electro Autos Eficaces of Mexico ("EAE").

The initial order is for 1,000 drive systems for integration into the Nissan Tsuru platform, which is commonly used in the municipal fleet of Mexico City. The Tsurus are being converted from gasoline-powered vehicles to electric vehicles as part of Mexico City Mayor Marcelo Ebrard's initiative to improve air quality and general health and quality of life in the city. Mayor Ebrard will drive the first converted vehicle to the International Electric Vehicle Forum on May 8, 2007 in Mexico City. The balance of the 1,000 vehicles will be converted over the following 18 months. Azure's scope of supply for the 1,000 drive systems includes the motor, controller, gearbox and DC-DC converters and is valued at more than CDN$7.0 million.

Campbell Deacon, Azure's CEO said, "We are very pleased to have our product chosen for this program. EAE's business has been established to deliver electric vehicle transportation to both the public and private sectors in Mexico City with a goal of expansion throughout all of Mexico. We believe our technology, cost competitiveness and reliability have factored into EAE's selection of Azure Dynamics for this program."


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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Sexy Witches, Yo!

What I like about this blog is the scope of its sexy witches, which run the gamut from actual historical sexy witches to shitty sorostitute Halloween costumes to Hard Rock Cafe Key Chains.

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Advertising to Kids

Two links, basically for my own cartooning benefit, about the national scandal that is aggressive marketing to children. (Why can't we have laws regulating this? You know, like most sensible countries in the developed world.) One a critique, the other a cited culprit:

Stay Free Magazine's Special Advertising to Kids Issue [Link]
Channel One News [Link]

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