Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Protestifying From the Rooftops, Sometimes

  • The Daily Record reports that Plane Stupid protesters crept onto the roof of Scottish Parliament to protest expansions of Glasgow and Edinburgh Airports — a sequel to their recent protest of a third runway at Heathrow whilst atop the Palace of Westminster. With their mole outed, enemies of Plane Stupid are probably asking, "Which government building will these two 23-year-old ferrets climb next!?"
  • Also in Scotland, vandals armed with heavily-symbolic mung beans are deflating the tires of gas-guzzlers by placing the legume on the tire valve and screwing the cap back on. According to the Edinburgh Evening News, commenters on IndymediaScotland "point out that their actions lead to rescue vehicles going to the cars affected and owners using engine-powered pumps to re-inflate tyres."
  • Japanese anti-nuclear protesters hassled French Prime Minister Francois Fillon's tour of a new nuclear power plant that was jointly built by Japan Nuclear Fuel and French nuclear giant Areva. According to AFP, "critics charge that it poses an environmental safety risk and could also be vulnerable to an earthquake." The critics did not climb a government building.
  • Police arrest a 73-year-old nun and a 47-year-old college instructor for protesting nuclear weapons development outside the Y-12 National Security Complex in Oak Ridge, TN. No government buildings were scaled in the incident. [via Knoxnews]

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