Monday, April 14, 2008

Here Comes Everybody, (to Protest'n'stuffs or whatevs)

  • According to the Los Angeles Times, the Sierra Club is getting all Clay Shirky up in this piece, organizing hyper-local protests against new coal-firing power plants "every time" a new one is proposed "anywhere in the United States." The project is so cleverly decentralized that some industry lawyers have suggested "bringing conspiracy charges against the environmentalists if they can find instances in which the national groups recruited locals to allow them to file legal papers that they couldn't have filed otherwise."
  • Dubai-level development hubris in Calverton, NY as creepy-looking Suffolk County legislator, William J. Lindsay, pleads with the new state governor to consider the positive “social, political and economic impacts” of the proposed $1.5 billion indoor snow center; not just the plight of the short-eared owl, local protests and living with moral culpability for expediting the arrival of a Road Warrior-style postapocalypse. [via skirebel, for some reason]

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