Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Nephew of Mumbai Underworld Don Extorts Chandelier Industry

It's sort of embarrassing hilarious that Sachin Shete, the nephew of infamous crime figure Gurunath Narhari "Guru" Satam (whose mugshot is on the right), is going after interior decoration companies:
According to the complaint filed by Joseph Alex Thomas, 41, Shete has been threatening his sister Rita to hand over her chandelier business to him.

Rita had started the business a few years ago and Shete had forced her to make him a partner. [...]

Senior inspector Ambadas Gadade said, “When Rita refused to hand over the business to him, Shete told her that he would call up his uncle Guru Satam and get her killed.”
Ignoring how totally 3rd-grade that threat is, Shete should know that gangsters with chandeliers are asking for trouble:

[Via Daily News & Analysis and the Times of India]

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