Monday, August 04, 2008

Hey, Buddy? Ergonomic Cup Of Joe?

"The shape breaks free of a nearly universal design constraint of cups, the linear vertical axis."

Designed by award-winning artist David Pier, this ergonomic coffee mug has no funny sayings on it or anything. Plus, it looks weird. According to Pier, from the website:
By using a different approach to the design process I developed a revolutionary cup that is unusual and beautiful in appearance and superior in function. The form flows from the shape of hand and mouth, the weight and volume of the contained fluid, and the relations between these. The undulating rim fits the lips better and prevents spills on the side opposite the handle. A level rim would be easy for the factory but would lessen the user’sexperience. The design no longer is dictated by the manufacturing process. The oval body brings the center of gravity closer to the hand. The shape helps make the strong porcelain even more resistant to breakage. The shape is attractive and interesting from any angle. The handle and body can be held in several ways, all more comfortable than traditional mugs.
[Thanks, Jess! This is, excuse me, a damn fine cup of coffee.]

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