Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Milbank Fucks Up

WaPo's Dough-faced snark merchant, Dana Milbank, flubs a very lazy attempt to put his own imprint on the recent GOP talking point, "Obama's doing a victory lap: that dude's arrogant." As funny as Milbank can be sometimes, I have to admit that his whole "pointing out the absurd theatricality of Washington" shtick is wearing thin. It's not exactly a well-developed tool for critical analysis. In fact, why do I feel like this guy is auditioning to be a Daily Show correspondent every time he's on MSNBC?

Oh, right — because he does shit like this:

[When covering the time Cheney shot his buddy on a hunting trip]

[I have no idea what the context was for this.]

I say "Blergh" to you, Dana Milbank.
Stop being the political equivalent of Dave Barry.

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