Sunday, September 03, 2006

George Saunders gets asked 120 questions

Any notable personage can answer twenty questions -- even Keith Richards. But only the exceptional ones can tackle more; like, six times more. Here at [AOL's blogospheric equivalent of a dad in Urban Outfitters clothes]The Feed, it's not about harvesting the thoughts of interesting people; it's about finding out how long they can tolerate One Hundred and Twenty Questions.

However, the real game quickly becomes:
1)How long before you start to suspect that George Saunders just wrote this thing all by himself? And,
2) How far into the 120 questions before fatigue sets in and you stop reading?
(I got to 44 before I stopped and began suspecting around 21.)
Reading the Feed feels like seeing McDonald's get all Starbucks with their coffee and all Au Bon with their salad options. George Saunders does his fair share of mugging in this too, and it isn't all that pretty. [Link]

PS- I had just finished reading CivilWarLand in Bad Decline when I found this via Google. Ok so far, but my favorite GS story is still "Winky" from Pastoralia. It's a parody of Tony Robbins style motivational speakers, specifically how their self-help methods tend to be hilarious universalizations of their really specific personal story. [I'm horrified at re-reading this post, because upon close inspection, it is very close to how I talk.]


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