Thursday, September 18, 2008

Retreating Back Into Obscurity With The Aislers Set

This is a very personal reminiscence, but the fact that I had never heard of the San Francisco-based, M86-throwbacks The Aislers Set during my first years of college (when I was getting into their immediate Doppelgängers, like Belle and Sebastian) makes me love them even more. The fact that the band has been on "hiatus" since 2003 doesn't hurt either: I love them because they're not still together, because their defeatist sound hasn't been spoiled by a long-winding career pursuing stardom or relevance. Today, their music both sounds like and is a relic to wasted precocity. Here's them doing "the Walk" as a Peel session; as well as a live version of "Fire Engines."

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