Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Yahoo Room Enthusiast

[from the ongoing McSweeney's DFW remembrance list]

I brought him to read at Cal Poly in February of 2004. He didn't do many public readings, and it had taken me a couple of years to get him to agree to visit. One day he sent me a postcard that read, "I don't take fees, but I'll come if you put me up for a few nights in the Yahoo room of the Madonna Inn." Here's the link to the room, as it really underscores Wallace's wonderful, manic sense of humor and love of kitsch: http://www.madonnainn.com/tour/132.asp
—Adam Hill

[I put the guts of that link in down here]

Hidden away in the hill top unit is “Yahoo”...the days of cowboys and cattle drives are still alive (don’t confuse with yahoo.com). At the end of the trail...after a long day on the range...cool off in the rock waterfall shower before falling asleep on the authentic “Buckboard” bed. Only rented on special occasions, this private room is filled with family memorabilia...a reflection of the Madonna Family’s lifestyle.

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