Friday, May 15, 2009

Some Music Videos

Someone I know compared this Swedish-based group Liechtenstein to the Vivian Girls in the limited sense that both of these all-girl trios seem capable of coasting on their looks in lieu of having anything particularly amazing to offer sonically. As this blog post's label indicates, I am in no position to weigh in on whether this is true for either band. I bring it up because I am fascinated with this concept as a corollary to the glass ceiling specifically for attractive and ambitious career women: the more perversely degrading glass floor. That being said, I liked their set (sonically!) on Friday at Don Hills and recommend seeing them and Cats on Fire when both bands play at Bruar Falls in Brooklyn on Tuesday.

I was supposed to get a song from these guys on a mix CD from someone, but in the interim, I've broken down and just started listening to them on my own. So (obviously) the song is called "I'm In Fighting Mode" and the band is British trio Let's Wrestle.

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