Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Rough Scenic West Monroe Archive
(for Curious Types)

Most Recent

Fall 2004 -- In both The Daily Targum and Flak Magazine

Fall 2004 -- Just the Daily Targum and subsequently no thumbnails.

Warren and Maple, first day of school
Maple and Jane at lunch
Jane, Harris and Warren
Harris and Ltc. McScruffy
A week of parody New Yorker Comics

Older in Chronological Order

Fall 2001 -- The Daily Targum
None of these are online yet, which may or may not be a good thing.

Spring 2002 -- The Daily Targum
Also not online yet. The strips from this whole academic year had been drawn in advance out of necessity and the summer reserves had pretty much dried up by this semester. I think I only lasted 3 weeks and then published a really melodramatic note to my "readers."

Fall 2002 -- Rutgers Review

This dentist storyline first appeared over the course of three issues. I had drawn the first few strips the previous Spring and they were slated to appear in The Daily Targum, but I held off for some reason.

There are at least three 'sunday-sized' comics from this semester that aren't online yet, either.

This comic was drawn for a Review house ad. It came with a caption saying, "Get your juvenile humor published with school monies. Submit your work to the Rutgers Review."

Fall 2003 -- Rutgers Review


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